New Technolgies

Get your head out of ‘The Cloud’ and look to ‘The Fog’

May 19, 2014 |

I’m as big a believer in the transformational power of cloud computing as anyone you’ll meet. Smartphones, which are constantly seeking and retrieving data, don’t make sense without the cloud, and any business that isn’t racing to push … Read More

A Shape-Shifting ‘Jenga-Like’ Hotel Made From Recycled Shipping Containers

April 22, 2014 |

Hong Kong-based architect firm OVA Studio has designed the Hive-Inn, a jenga-like hotel made from dozens of recycled shipping containers stacked on top of one another. It was developed for the Radical Innovation Award, and was inspired by the two prevalent modern-day … Read More

Now the color is yours…

April 2, 2014 |

“Any artist or designer who works with color knows that the best inspiration and perfect coloration can often be found in real-life objects all around us. What if you could take your trusty drawing pen and simply scan any color … Read More

Now this is a creative idea…

March 15, 2014 |

“Last year, Toyota unveiled its Camatte concept at a Tokyo toy conference, presenting the idea of a home-built, electric go-kart kit as a way to involve children in the fun of final vehicle assembly. The new Camatte57s version revealed ahead of … Read More