May 9, 2014

I thought I was good at Photoshop.. Check this out:

Fairytales play out in photographs for three lucky girls.

John Wilhelm turned his passion for photography and digital art into stunning and creative family portraits of his young daughters. An IT professional and father in Switzerland, Wilhelm’s connection between photography and family goes way back.

“Photography is and was always my hobby. It’s somehow in the genes. My father was already a big photography enthusiast and founder of at least two photography associations here,” Wilhelm wrote to Mashable.

Wilhelm’s striking images often star his three girls, who pose in a plain studio and end up in wild and magical locations. “I shoot, shoot, shoot, every free minute. While importing the photos to Lightroom the ideas usually pop up … I shoot them in my little attic photo studio and bring everything together in Photoshop,” Wilhelm says.

The girls are cast as fictional characters like Little Red Riding Hood or appear in whimsical and comical situations, like battling an octopus in the tub. When asked about his inspiration, Wilhelm says, “I really can’t tell exactly. Perhaps too many video games and TV as a child.”

While Wilhelm does not exclusively photograph his family, they are heavily featured in all his artwork. Fans can follow and purchase prints of Wilhelm’s work on his website or through his Facebook page, John Wilhelm Is A Photoholic.

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