April 8, 2014

Your DIY Tshirt Kit

Whether you are starting a small Business or DIY screen printing for Fun, the DIY Print Shop T-Shirt Screen Printing. Kit has the essential set of tools for graphic designers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, crafters, Etsy-ers and anyone looking to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. The DIY T-SHIRT KIT will bring all your awesome T-Shirt ideas to life and can turn Fun into Profit. The DIY T-SHIRT KIT contains everything you need: a perfectly sized T-shirt pallet that’ll help you blow through a stack of T-shirts in no time; the lightweight, portable and super strong DIY Print Shop Screen Printing Press will give you unconditional love through any DIY screen printing project; a T-shirt sized wood screen and squeegee engineered to push ink onto a T-shirt smoothly.

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